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Finance Promotes the Quality Improvement and Upgrading of Rural Tourism

2019/9/28 14:41:41
Agriculture, rural areas and farmers have always been the focus of the Party and the state. Rural tourism is an important way to solve the "three rural" problems, enhance agricultural added value, optimize the rural environment, and increase farmers'income. It is also a powerful grasp of rural revitalization. The circular focuses on key villages which are in line with the development direction of culture and tourism, have high level of resource development and product construction, and have typical demonstration and leading role. Through financial support, the circular focuses on the development of key villages of rural tourism in many aspects, such as financial support, industrial upgrading, environmental optimization and consumption promotion. Providing comprehensive support will promote the better, better and faster development of key villages, and form a demonstration effect throughout the country. By constantly summing up successful experiences, more rural tourism villages will embark on the road of quality improvement and industrial upgrading and development.
The circular puts forward measures such as increasing credit, promoting product innovation and strengthening policy guarantee, which will help to provide more adequate financial support for rural tourism development and broaden financing channels for key rural tourism villages. The implementation of differentiated authorization management for key village culture and tourism project loans is also conducive to the priority development of key villages with few resources and good market conditions and high level of construction, constantly accumulating and refining successful experiences, forming a demonstration leading and driving role in the whole country, and gradually promoting the development of other villages. With key villages as the core, it is easier to exert the effect of AgBank's fund aggregation and use, and avoid the bad effect of financial support caused by over-decentralization.
The circular puts forward some measures such as consolidating the foundation of development and promoting industrial upgrading, which will help to promote key villages to gradually form new forms of business and new products that can lead and meet market demand, cultivate new competitive enterprises, and then drive rural tourism forward step by step through the path of leading key projects and cultivating market players. Enter a new stage of quality development and industrial upgrading.
The circular proposes to foster a number of competitive rural cultural and tourism enterprises by means of equity investment, merger and acquisition, and restructuring, so as to promote the upgrading of rural tourism industry by means of the development and growth of rural tourism enterprises. Enterprises are the cornerstone of industrial development. Without strong enterprises, there will be no strong industries. When a number of rural tourism enterprises with international vision and modern operation and management capabilities develop, the upgrading and competitiveness of rural tourism industry will come to fruition.
The rural tourism projects and the financial services of the whole industrial chain of the industry as well as the direct and indirect financing channels of rural tourism enterprises proposed in the Notice will further enhance the confidence of external enterprises in investing in rural tourism, at the same time, it will also provide support for the development of endogenous rural enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of rural tourism. Sustainable development capacity.
The measures to promote rural consumption proposed in the Notice are not only effective measures to enhance the attractiveness of shopping in rural tourism, but also effective ways to enhance the output capacity of rural economy. Shopping has always been a weak link in the development of rural tourism. The opening of online platform can not only push rural characteristic products to the national market with the help of Agricultural Bank platform, but also further stimulate and enhance the ability of rural market participants and villagers to develop characteristic culture and tourism products through the benign interaction between production and sales. Enhance the attraction of rural tourism, broaden the income channels of rural tourism, and strengthen the effect of rural tourism to enrich the people.
The circular will give financial support around financial support, industrial development, environmental optimization and consumption promotion, and take key villages of rural tourism as the core of financial services. It will give full play to the industrial demonstration driving effect of key villages and lead rural tourism into a new stage of upgrading and upgrading development.

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