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Winter Olympic Games Promote Beijing Inbound Tour

2019/9/1 9:54:58
With the approaching of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the promotion of inbound tourism resources in Beijing will focus more on the two major themes of the Winter Olympics and health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine. At present, as the only "Double Olympics" city in the world, Beijing's Winter Olympics resources will become a valuable tourism promotion point, and this event will also become an important opportunity for Beijing to promote inbound tourism.
In recent years, Beijing's inbound tourism market has fluctuated. In the first half of last year, the number of inbound tourists in Beijing changed the downward trend since 2012, and returned to "correct". In the first half of this year, the number of inbound tourists in Beijing decreased slightly compared with the same period last year due to international factors and changes in economic environment.
At the same time, the demand of foreign tourists for Beijing's inbound tourism products is also changing. Terry Dale, president of the American Association of Wholesalers of Tourism, told reporters that he clearly felt that in recent years, American tourists have paid more attention to the experience of local life when choosing overseas tourist destinations. For example, when they travel to Beijing, they would like to go deep into the community of Beijing to understand the lifestyle of Beijing people, including the local people. Residents like food, music, culture and so on. "At present, American travel agencies have made adjustments to the relevant product design on these new needs."
In addition, according to the Beijing Tourism Development Report (hereinafter referred to as the Report) issued by the Beijing Tourism Society, in 2017, the per capita cost of Beijing's inbound tourism market was 1306.7 US dollars, which was 421.99 US dollars higher than the national average. "It is undeniable that the higher per capita consumption of inbound tourism in Beijing is related to the higher proportion of high-end tourism groups for business, public affairs and meetings purposes." However, the report also points out that in Beijing's inbound tourism consumption, the cumulative proportion of "travel, purchase, food and housing" expenditure is more than 80%, and the proportion of "travel and entertainment" is relatively small.
In order to tap the potential demand of Beijing's inbound tourism, the award-winning tourism has been put in an important position and focused on promoting. Cao Pengcheng revealed that next step, Beijing will further formulate some attractive support policies in the light of the current situation and market demand of major tourist sources to accelerate the expansion of Beijing's market in such areas as award-winning tourism and exhibitions.
In addition, governments at all levels, such as Hainan Province and Haikou City, have introduced different incentive policies for exhibitions, which can overlap with each other and make it relatively difficult to apply. There are also senior exhibition business leaders told reporters that there are a large number of second-tier cities aiming at the exhibition market have introduced a large number of new policies, such as in some municipal cities, a large-scale exhibition subsidies can reach 2 million yuan, which can not only cover the cost of activities, but also allow exhibitors and curators to "lightly pack" on the battlefield. Concerned about the problem of losing money in succession in the initial stage of the establishment of the activity brand, "It can be seen that Beijing will face more and more fierce competition in the future if it wants to divide up the award-winning tourism".

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